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Bring the Title Tags. Title tags of web page content exists on every page and unique for each web page. Title tags contains keywords targeted to the page. Title tags are not to be exceeded than 65 characters including spaces.

Know your Meta Tags.  Meta tags are the unique, relevant to web page content which need not exceed 155 Characters including spaces. This contains a specific call to click by the user who searches for relevant topics. Keywords need to be present in the beginning of the topic. The purpose is to draw users to the webpage. Well written meta descriptions invites more visitors to the web page and maximize the click-through and increase the duration of visitors on the page.

W3C Code Validation. To enlighten the look and feel of your site, fix as much as W3C Validation errors that you can. Use the tool http://validator.w3.org/ to identify errors and recommendations. Error may cause search engines NOT properly crawl or index pages.

Count the Words. Quantity of the page content needed to be 400-500 words of unique, quality content per page. Writers may choose to add content at the bottom of the pages so that it does not interfere with the primary information you like the visitors to read. The purpose is to provide Original, quality and grammatically error free content is favoured by search engines. To market processes and services of business web page, give relevant, quantified contents to the readers.

Page load time. Web pages needed to load within 5-7 seconds. Technically this is defined and governed by IT team. The load time of page is calculated by Search engines and used to rank in their ranking algorithms.

XML Sitemap. If you want all pages to be ranked in search engines, please create an XML Sitemap. This is to ensure site engines know about all site pages, and capture new pages and content quickly.

Blog Periodically. Add contents of blogs weekly or bi-weekly by adding blogs into your web site. Using keywords link from your blog posts to important pages of business web site. Search engines value contents added regularly, and ranks higher because of the content added regularly with quality.

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