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Knowing how to find and then use social media analytics on the various social media platforms is essential for influencer success.

Growing an online influence is a common goal these days: We want more followers and–more importantly–more engagement. Knowing how to find and then use social media analytics on the various social media platforms is essential for influencer success.

You’ve got a fabulous post, whether on your website or on your social media, you poured yourself into it, and you have a plan for promoting the content. Now what?

You analyze. Sometimes writers don’t necessarily have a love affair with numbers, which includes analytics. Even the word ‘analytics’ seems too official and un-creative-sounding. You need to know not only how to find analytics, but how to read them and apply the results to content strategy, and then tweak your plans.

One note: If the thought of digging into your Social Analytics makes you uncomfortable, let us help you. Our creative team can read and analyses your social and site analytics and give you a full plan to be success on the online world. Learn more about social media marketing service

Let’s explore the four of the biggest social media platforms: Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


According to Twitter, an impression is: “Times a user is served a Tweet in timeline or search results.”

Using Twitter’s official definition, engagements are the total number of times a user interacted with a Tweet. Clicks anywhere on the Tweet, including re-tweets, replies, follows, favorites, links, cards, hashtags, embedded media, username, profile photo, or Tweet expansion.

Use Twitter Analytics to pull back the curtain and discover what your followers like, re-tweet, and more. Analytics include details on your tweets’ engagement, clicks, re-tweets, favorites, replies, and more.


Since Facebook has been undergoing so many changes of late, Pinterest is a social media platform with which I we engaging more.  Using Pinterest Analytics, you see what people like from your profile and what they save from your website.

To access Pinterest analytics, it is at the top left Corner of your Pinterest feed and is available for business accounts.

Start paying attention to the pins that send your blog traffic, the ones that did well and perhaps started to fizzle. Time to pin them again and move the traffic along! What made that pin so very attractive? Look at what you used for the pin: Description, Image, Text overlay and Call to action.

You want your pins to be seen and re-seen without inundating your followers. Every two to four weeks is ample for bringing your pinning the same content again. Interestingly, we’ve had pins that went nowhere on first attempt but did well the second or third time around.


As of June, 2016, Instagram users have the choice to change to a business account. Business profiles will be a free feature for accounts “wanting to be recognized as a business on Instagram,” the company said. “With a business profile, businesses can choose how they want their customers to get in touch with them: call, text or email with a tap of the contact button as well as get directions.”

With the switch to a business account, access to basic analytics is gained. Instagram insights from within the app across the top navigation bar in the upper right corner.

You can also see how much engagement you are getting on a photo posted and what folks are saying.

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